Aam Aadmi India

Aam Aadmi is a Hindi word literally means Common Man. Aam Aadmi term is most popular in India to refer to the average Indian. The Aam Aadmi has moved ahead with a confident India. The new slogan is Aam aadmi ke badhte kadam, har kadam pe Bharat buland means the common man is marching ahead, every step of his makes I ndia stronger. Aam Aadmi set of aspirations include three essential things, those are Roti, Kapada and Makaan (Food, Clothing and Shelter). Our Aam Aadmi is one among millions of illiterate population of India. Who will teach our Aam Admi about Democracy or Accountability or the philosophy called Democratic Accountability.

who think about Aam Aadmi? Who is responsible to Aam Aadmi.. Who is work for aam aadmi.. Aam aadmi needs parivartan through kranti and WE THE THINKING PEOPLE DO SOMETHING FOR THAT.
Aam Aadmi Social Networking committed for brings the social awareness about Aam Aadmi. Here we can discuss the problems of Aam Aadmi. Send your valueable feedback and comments at info@aamaadmi.com

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